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Economy Range Cylinders

210 BAR Single and Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders
25mm to 120mm Bore with a Standard Range of Strokes
Special Stroke Length available on Request
Variety of Mounting Options

Standard Cylinders available from UK Stock.  Customised Cylinders available in 4 - 5 Days.

Welded Construction Cylinders

Full Range of Made to Order Production Quality Heave Duty Welded Cylinders
25mm to 200mm Bore with Strokes made to specific requirements
Pin, Bushed Pin, Front and/or Rear Flange, Foot, Clevis and Trunion Mounts
Mounts can be made to order to suit existing requirements
Male or Female Rod Threads - or any other rod end needed
Special Paint finishes to suit company colours or environment and Seal Materials to suit medium
Can be Fitted with Transducers for highly accurate control

Telescopic Cylinders Made to Order to suit exact requirements

350 BAR Block Cylinders Made to Order with Stroke, 18mm to 80mm Bore

Tie Rod Cylinders

Full Range of Made to Order Tie Rod Parker interchangeable Cylinders
210 BAR High Quality Heavy Duty Double Acting Cylinders ideal for full production use
Imperial and Metric Version 1 1/2 Inch to 24 Inch and 25mm to 200mm Bore Sizes
Double Rod, Rod Extension and custom rod ends

Various Mounting Option including Flange, Clevis, Foot, Trunion and Tie Rod Extension

Full Range of Rod Ends including SAFE Couplings suited to press mountings

Full Range of Atos Cylinders with inbuilt Safety Valves and available with high precsion Transducers

All Stroke Lengths Made to order

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Full Range of Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cylinders for use in corrosive environments or with agressive fluids
Seal Materials to suit application so cylinders can operate with Water, Glycols, Emulsions, Sea Water, Skydrol, LD4 to name a few
Cylinders can be based on standard welded cylinders above or be designed from scratch around specific requirements
Any Mounting and be manufactures for these cylinders.
When ordered a full design drawing is produced which can be changed prior to manufacture

Workholding Cylinders

We also offer a full range of Threaded and Hollow Cylinders equivalent to Spencer Franklin
These Cylinders are Standard products and are usually available from stock
Hollow Cylinders have Rear Mounting Holes with Flange Versions for added flexibility
Cylinders are rated to 275 BAR (4000 PSI) and are used in many clamping applications
A Full Range of Air Oil Boosters are also available for the operation of these cylinders

Cylinders and Booster are Spencer Franklin equivalent

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